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This Survivors Toolkit for gun violence survivors was created and published in collaboration with Giffords.

It's meant to guide survivors of gun violence through the pain of the first few weeks following a shooting, and offers suggestions for getting involved in the GVP movement for those who are so inclined. The toolkit's first part is dedicated to healing, and the second to advocacy. 

We are grateful for the input of all the  activists, survivors, and mental health practitioners from around the country who contributed to its contents. We hope you find this resource useful!

Covenant shooting survivors: You, your friends, and family might be experiencing symptoms of shock.

Seek Medical Help
Symptoms of Shock Include:

  • adrenaline surges
  • anxiety
  • panic
  • difficulty breathing and remembering
  • chest tightness
  • nausea
  • disorientation
  • dissociation
  • sleep disturbance
  • flashbacks
  • pain and tension in the body
  • new phobias and fears
  • isolation feeling alone and misunderstood
  • regression
  • depression

While the toolkit is a living document, which is best viewed and used online, we have produced a PDF booklet version. You can download and print it. Click here to open the PDF version.

 “This two-part toolkit aims to give
you some of what we wish we’d had
the day our lives changed forever,
and what we’ve learned since.” 
~Sandy & Lonnie 

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