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Lonnie and Sandy Phillips speak about their daughter Jessica Redfield Ghawi at their San Antonio, Texas home.

 December 03, 2021 - USA Op-Ed by Sandy & Lonnie Phillips
Op-Ed in the wake of yet another mass school shooting, in Michigan.

Sandy & Jessi
We feel for the teenagers victimized in a drive-by shooting that left them hospitalized, their families traumatized, and all shocked by this new assault in Aurora. It cuts us to the quick. Here's our letter to the editor.

Gun Lock

Survivors Empowered statement regarding
President Biden’s pledge to curb veteran suicide

Survivors Empowered applauds President Biden’s
new strategies to reduce military and veteran suicide.

Lonnie and Sandy Phillips, parents of ...

September 20, 2021 - Denver Post Op-Ed by Sandy & Lonnie Phillips

“Work on ending gun violence must move forward, even without ATF leader”

Screen Nine Article

Screen Nine: A play Based on the Aurora Tragedy

2021-06 USA Today OpEd

June 2021 USA Today OpEd, by Sandy & Lonnie Phillips

Maria Pettolina

Crime Scene Investigator Maria Pettolina Finds Friendship With The Phillips


An Unspeakable Tragedy Changed This Mother’s Attitude About Guns

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