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April, 2023 - Interview With AC360

Anderson Cooper interviews Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, about the note left behind by the Louisville school shooter. The shooter said they wanted people to know how easy it was for a mentally disturbed person to get a gun.

March, 2023 – Jessi’s Law

Sandy and Lonnie Phillips were active in the passage of a new law, in Colorado, that removes the extraordinary protections that arms and ammunition manufacturers & suppliers enjoyed in Colorado.

February, 2023 – “Survivors Next Door

Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, cofounders of Survivors Empowered, are featured on Gays Against Guns’ podcast. They talk about their mindfulness and wellness class with UC San Diego for survivors of gun violence, their new program to build a retreat in Mexico for survivors, and the importance of balancing trauma with your life and your work. 

July 18, 2022 – Sandy & Lonnie Discuss 10 Years Of Activism

Survivors turn pain into purpose10 years after Aurora theater shooting

June 10, 2022 – Sandy's In-Depth Interview on Colorado Public Radio

She lost her daughter in a mass shooting; now she helps others cope

June 3, 2022 – Sandy & Lonnie talk with KENS5, local Uvalde TV

“Life is never the same, but you do find purpose again”

May 29, 2022 – ABC Coverage

Couple who lost daughter in Aurora,
Colorado theater shooting offer support in Uvalde

May 28, 2022 – Al Jazeera Interview with Penny Okamoto

Executive Director of Survivors Empowered

May 28, 2022 – PBS News Interview With Sandy

A mother whose daughter died in a 2012 mass shooting shares message with Uvalde parents

May 26, 2022 – CBS Denver On Survivors Empowered

Parents Of Aurora Theater Shooting Victim Helping Texas Mass Shooting Victims

YouTube Videos

October 2022: Sandy & Lonnie featured prominently in PBS report, Ricochet

June 2022: Lonnie is interviewed, Twice,
by BBC, following announcement of a tentative
Senate agreement on Gun Safety

May 2022, Interview with Al Jazeera,
following Uvalde mass shooting 

January 2022, Interview with
Survivor Nation on GAG Radio

April 2021, The Takeaway, WNYC interview
with Sandy and Lonnie Phillips

60 Minutes Interview with Sandy & Lonnie Phillips

60 Minutes Interview with Sandy & Lonnie Phillips

Sandy Phillips: “They're getting slaughtered and that's not OK”

Sandy Phillips tells the story of how she
found out her daughter Jessica was murdered

Parents of victims of Aurora Cinema Shooting
Comfort Texas shooting families

Parents of Aurora Theater Shooting victim speak in Tucson

Behind the Headlines: Aurora theater shooting victim's,
Jessica Ghawi’s, parents react to the verdict

Shooting victim's Mom: We need to regulate these weapons

Family of Aurora Theater victim
Offers help to families of Pulse victims

Parents of Shooting Victim Speak Out

Mass Shooting Victim's Mother Interview:
On The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting - Part 1

Anguished fathers support Andy Parker



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